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Here are the best three-point shooters in NBA 2K23.


  • 1 1. Stephen Curry (99 Three-Point Shot)
  • 2 2. Kevin Durant (88 Three-Point Shot)
  • 3 3. Desmond Bane (88 Three-Point Shot)
  • 4 4. Luke Kennard (88 Three-Point Shot)
  • 5 5. Klay Thompson (88 Three-Point Shot)
  • 6 The best three-point shooters in NBA 2K23

Three-point shooting has become probably the most important shot in basketball over the past decade, thanks largely to Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and the Golden State Warriors, coming off of their fourth championship since 2015. The pace of the game has sped up so much that the days of having giants clog up the paint and working inside-out are mostly gone. Teams used to shoot maybe five shots from three in the past, but now seeing a team put up 30 three-point attempts in a game is typical.

Below, you will find the best three-point shooters in NBA 2K23. Surprisingly, only one player has a three-point rating in the 90s – you know who – while the next four all have the same rating.

1. Stephen Curry (99 Three-Point Shot)

NBA 2K23: Best Three-Point Shooters - Outsider Gaming (1)

Overall: 96
Position: PG, SG
Team: Golden State Warriors
Archetype: Three-Point Assassin
Best Ratings: 99 Three-Point Shot, 99 Offensive Consistency, 98 Ball Handling

Stephen Curry is the best three-point shooter in NBA history, holding many records, so there is no surprise that he is number one on the list. Curry is unfairly viewed as just a great shooter, but he has a complete offensive arsenal in his pocket. He is unguardable off of the dribble as well as without the ball. He’s known to come off screens and drain threes after a quick pass, but he’s just as known for crossing up defenders and nailing shots. His 98 Ball Handling makes guarding him a difficult task. Curry can also hurt teams down low as he has 96 Driving Layup and 95 Close Shot, but 92 Mid-Range Shot.

In 2021-2022, he averaged 25.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 6.3 assists per game. Curry also led the Golden State Warrior to his fourth NBA Championship along with his first NBA Finals MVP after defeating the Boston Celtics. Out of qualified players, Curry ranked fifth in three-point shot percentage in 2021-2022 at 42.2 percent.

2. Kevin Durant (88 Three-Point Shot)

NBA 2K23: Best Three-Point Shooters - Outsider Gaming (2)

Overall: 96
Position: SF, PF
Team: Brooklyn Nets
Archetype: Two-Way Unstoppable Offensive Threat
Best Ratings: 99 Ball Handle, 98 Mid-Range Shot, 95 Driving Layup

Kevin Durant has one of the most unique skill sets in NBA history. He is almost seven feet tall with a 7’5” wingspan, but handles the ball like a point guard. He can drive to the rim, his mid-range game is almost a guaranteed bucket, and he is a deadly three-point shooter. Although he is not an elite defender, his length and speed make him a little more than average on the defensive side of the ball. His 99 Ball Handle is even more lethal than with Curry considering Durant’s size, and the 98 Mid-Range Shot paired with 98 Close Shot and 95 Driving Layup make him, as his archetype suggests, an offensive force from any spot on the floor.

Durant has been a top-three player for the better part of the last decade. Durant averaged 29.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 6.4 assists in the 2021-2022 NBA season.He also shot 51% from the field and 38% from the three-point line for a Brooklyn team that had to rely on him with the absences of the other stars, James Harden (who was traded for Ben Simmons) and Kyrie Irving. Durant shot in-line with his career percentage at 38.3 percent from three in 2021-2022.

3. Desmond Bane (88 Three-Point Shot)

NBA 2K23: Best Three-Point Shooters - Outsider Gaming (3)

Overall: 83
Position: SG, SF
Team: Memphis Grizzlies
Archetype: Playmaking Dual Threat Scorer
Best Ratings: 98 Shot IQ, 98 Offensive Consistency, 91 Free Throw

Desmond Bane is a promising young player on an exciting young team. He can score by putting the ball on the floor, finishing at the rim, and shooting at very high percentages. Bane does not give any defenses a day off with all the tricks in his bags as a score and as an above-average playmaker. Bane may not be the most explosive, but his offensive prowess is visible in his 98 Shot IQ and 98 Offensive Consistency. He is money at the line with 91 Free Throw, and can also hurt teams inside the arc with 86 Driving Layup, 81 Close Shot, and 82 Mid-Range Shot.

Bane is entering his third year in the NBA, shooting 43.5 percent from behind the line. In the 2021-2022 season, he averaged 18.2 points and had a 46 percent field goal percentage while averaging 18.2 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 2.7 assists a game. Out of qualifying players, Bane ranked second in three-point percentage with 43.6 percent

4. Luke Kennard (88 Three-Point Shot)

NBA 2K23: Best Three-Point Shooters - Outsider Gaming (4)

Overall: 76
Position: SG, SF
Team: Los Angeles Clippers
Archetype: One-Dimensional Catch-and-Shoot
Best Ratings: 99 Free Throw, 95 Shot IQ, 89 Close Shot

Luke Kennard may not be a household name in the NBA, but he has averaged 42 percent from behind the line in his five-year career. Kennard played for the Detroit Pistons his first three years and has been with the Los Angeles Clippers since 2020-2021. Kennard is a pure shooter, as referenced in his archetype. He isn’t a space creator or ball handler, and will require coming off screens to have the most effect. He has 99 Free Throw, so he’s automatic from the line, but he also has a 95 Shot IQ so he doesn’t take dumb shots. He is the rare shooter is better from close and distance with 89 Close Shot and 88 Three-Point Shot, but only 74 Mid-Range Shot.

He led the NBA inthree-point shooting percentage in 2021-2022 at 44.9 percent, more than a full percentage point ahead of Bane. Kennard averaged 11.9 points and shot 89 percent from the free throw line as well.

5. Klay Thompson (88 Three-Point Shot)

NBA 2K23: Best Three-Point Shooters - Outsider Gaming (5)

Overall: 83
Position: SG, SF
Team: Golden State Warriors
Archetype: Two-Way Sharpshooter
Best Ratings: 90 Mid-Range Shot, 89 Free Throw, 87 Perimeter Defense

Klay Thompson is half of the best shooting backcourt in NBA History. He is a four-time champion, has two gold medals, and has been selected to the NBA All-Star Team five times. Thompson currently ranks 18 in career three-point field goals made and would most likely rank higher if not for being out since 2020-2021 due to major injuries. Thompson usually guarded the opponent’s best defender until Andrew Wiggins was acquired. Thompson is still a deadly shooter even after the injuries with 90 Mid-Range Shot, 89 Free Throw, 88 Three-Point Shot, and 85 Close Shot. He also has 75 Driving Layup, so he is better at the bucket than many guards.

In 2020-2021, Thompson scored 20.4 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 2.8 assists a game and shot 90 percent from the free throw line. He shot 38.5 percent from three.

The best three-point shooters in NBA 2K23

NameThree-Point RatingHeightOverallPositionTeam
Stephen Curry996’2”96SG, PGGolden State Warriors
Kevin Durant886’10”96PF, SFNew Orleans Pelicans
Desmond Bane886’5”83SF, SGMemphis Grizzlies
Luke Kennard886’5”76SF, SGLos Angeles Clippers
Klay Thompson886’6”83SF, SGGolden State Warriors
Luka Doncic876’7”95SF, PGDallas Mavericks
Devin Booker876’5”91SG, PGPhoenix Suns
Joe Harris876’6”76SF, SGBrooklyn Nets
Jayson Tatum866’8”93PF, SFBoston Celtics
Trae Young866’7”90PGAtlanta Hawks

Today’s NBA requires having multiple players who can shoot well from behind the line and for almost every player to be able to hit them occasionally. Even big men are expected to have some sort of skill from distance.

Pick the shooters based on your style of play and the build of your roster. You need to mix slashers and back-to-the-basket big men in your lineups to keep the defense from crowding the three-point line. The key is to space the floor to allow your shooters to get open shots on the perimeter in NBA 2K23.

You can check out our list of the easiest players to trade for in 2K23.

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