NBA 2K23: Three Excellent Ways to Get a Great Teammate Grade (2024)

NBA 2K23 allows you to create your MyPlayer in MyCareer or The W with the goal of building them up to becoming an NBA or a WNBA legend. In The W, you also have set archetypes to choose from like in previous 2Ks for MyCareer.

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You can go play NBA games or play games around The City (new gen) or GOAT Boat (old gen). Playing NBA games allows you to get your overall rating up a bit faster while City/Boat games will both give you MyPpoints to help you you level up, but also to gain XP to try and earn rewards. One way get both of these up faster is by having a good teammate grade in games.

Teammate grades are arguably the most important stat in NBA 2K and that includes 2K23. Having a good one can dramatically improve the amount of XP and MyPoints you earn. Even if you think you had an amazing statline, having a bad teammate grade is not going to slow your growth, especially if you lose the game. So, with all that said, here are a few great ways to keep your teammate grade high.

NBA 2K23: Three Excellent Ways to Get a Great Teammate Grade (1)

Make Good Passes/Get Assists

Nothing defines “team” as well in basketball quite like the ability to facilitate. When you’re moving the ball around and getting your teammates involved, that’s about as team-oriented as you can get on the court. In NBA 2K23, making the right passes can help get your teammate grade up.

On top of that, if you can get some assists off of those passes, then you’ll receive even more of a boost to your grade. It’s so easy for many players to lick their chops thinking they can score a bucket, when in reality there’s likely a teammate who is open nearby that you should opt to pass to. Ignore the temptation to try to score and move that ball unless there is absolutely no pass opportunity available.

Of course you can still go and get a bucket, but a lot of times this can lead to bad shots being taken, which will lower your teammate grade. Instead, make the smart pass and get the teammate grade raised. Making a good pass won’t give you as a big a boost as an assist, but you’ll still take it, especially in Park or Rec games.

Grabbing Rebounds

So, typically, this would not apply to guards as much as it does to small forwards and bigs but in NBA 2K23 the majority of players are rolling with 6-foot-9 point guards as their MyPlayers in the game as they have the size and length to grab some rebounds. Getting boards is arguably the best way to quickly raise your teammate grade.

They can be really easy to get if your opponents are missing shots often enough and your teammate grade is lifted every time you snag one too. If you’re lengthy, have a solid rebound rating, and a decent enough vertical, you shouldn’t have much trouble. On top of just getting the boards, this can lead to some great assist opportunities as well.

Many times, you might have a look at an open man down the court right after you snag a defensive rebound. Getting the dime will of course raise your TG. It’s win-win situation. If you’re a smaller player who doesn’t rebound much then don’t worry, getting assists will help as well as this next tip we’re about to mention.

Playing Good Defense

Listen, we all love to score points. No matter what the sports game is we all want to make a basket, score a goal, get a touchdown, or hit a home run. Scoring is fun, it’s exciting and all of that good stuff. However, let’s never lose sight of the importance of playing great defense and that includes in NBA 2K23.

Let’s face it, a lot of players will put much more effort into their offense than their defense, but defense can benefit you in a big way as well. Doing things like getting steals, blocks, staying with your man, and so on will help get that TG up. Plus, it’s satisfying when you’re able to shut an opponent down, especially in Park and Rec.

And this is one of those things that can benefit all positions and all sizes of MyPlayers. Sometimes, just doing things on defense that don’t show up on the stat sheet will help your grade like making sure you get back on defense in transition. Playing good defense can be essential to your team’s success and in turn will also reward you as an individual.


NBA 2K23: Three Excellent Ways to Get a Great Teammate Grade (2024)
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