The Best Three Point (3PT) Shooters in NBA 2K23 (2024)

For the recently released NBA 2K23, basketball rules have not changed much - the easiest way to get a higher score than the opponent is to aim for the most significant source of points, the three-point shot. In every edition of NBA 2K23, the gameplay remains true to the franchise's accurate depiction of the highest-level basketball in the world. Some athletes in NBA 2K23 reinforce that notion, bringing their stunning accomplishments to a player's control as they build a team that can score an avalanche of points through long-distance shots.

Behind the hood of NBA 2K23 lies a complex set of statistics that rate each playable star, usually based on a previous season of play. For landing ranged buckets, however, the series has opted to use a singular score to calculate that particular rating. In addition, the Three-Point Shot (3PT) determines the effectiveness of a character's potential to make three-pointers when it matters. A somewhat contentious aspect of the otherwise nuanced game nonetheless has great weight when players consider who to select.


The range on the court has never mattered more, with NBA 2K23's incredibly realistic graphics allowing players to make more accurate decisions than ever in the series. With precise inputs, players can fake shots or passes to give themselves an extra second to sink a three-pointer from across the court. In addition, the fluidity of motion merges well with some athletes more than others, leading to nail-biting moments where the extra points truly matter most.

NBA 2K23: The Best 3-Point Shooters

The two best athletes with the highest Three-Point Shot (3PT) in NBA 2K23 are Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Despite a four-way tie for second place with scores of 88 in this category, the gap between second and first is painfully apparent. One of the highest-rated players in NBA 2K23, Stephen Curry, has a ridiculous Three-Point Shot (3PT) rating of 99. One of the best shooters in NBA history; there may be some contention with Curry being rated first, considering the previous season saw his worst performance from the 3-point range, around a 38% success rate. Yet there is no denying the efficiency in Curry's high-scoring playstyle, sinking shot after shot with accuracy that dwarfs the roster of NBA 2K23.

Kevin Durant might be one of the most well-rounded playable athletes in NBA 2K23, with several scores matching his rating in three-point shooting at 88. Matching an overall player score of 97, Durant's versatility makes him even more effective from a distance than even NBA 2K23's cover athlete Michael Jordan. Players who want to have someone who can fill multiple positions to score from up close and have a threat for threes could find Durant to be a valuable asset.

Although players could also go with other talented three-point shooters such as Klay Thompson or Desmond Bane, both Curry and Durant have a consistency that rivals their counterparts. In the clutch, that reliability might mean all the difference between a loss and a needed buzzer-beater to win. So even though other factors determine a player's ability to shoot, especially when paired with a teammate in NBA 2K23's new co-op gameplay in MyTeam mode, the Three-Point Shot (3PT) stat forms an excellent foundation for determining the best three-point shooters.

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    NBA 2K23 is the 2022 installment of the NBA 2K franchise developed by Visual Concepts. This edition features Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker in the standard edition, with Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan in the championship version. There's also a special WNBA edition featuring Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi for the first time. This new entry includes the Jordan Challenge mode and significant updates for MyNBA, allowing players to start their MyCareer during the 83-84, 91-92, or 02-03 seasons. In addition, team rosters have been updated to feature the latest players, and the next-gen editions of the game will have GOAT boat as its core campaign mode, with The City 3.0 for the last-gen editions.

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The Best Three Point (3PT) Shooters in NBA 2K23 (2024)
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